Advanced version of EC-series. At each mount location, a tube made from Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) links the top and bottom plate.

The tubes allow easy cleaning of the board, installation of removable additional mounts on the bottom side, tuning of natural frequencies and vibration damping by inserting adaptive elements.

Technical specifications

Typical breadboard sizes are available, maximum size 2000 x 2500 mm
Typical thickness ranges from 25, 50, 75 to 100 mm or according to structural requirements or customer needs
Flatness of entire mounting surface AD- Version ≤ 0.05 mm , ADI- Version ≤ 0.2 mm
Mounting Grid
Typical mounting grid: 25×25 mm, 50×50 mm or customized
Mounting Holes
Metric and imperial threads, inserts are made from stainless steel, Aluminium, Titanium or INVAR
Nominal damping
Thermal Expansion   
Lateral directions CTEx,y = 2.5 · 10 E-6 [mm/mm·K] @ 273 K for plane plate
Nominal stiffness
Area weight approximately 15 kg/m² (50 mm grid)

– Honeycomb structure with skins made from multi-layered Carbon fiber fabrics cured with Epoxy Resin

– Skins are designed typically to meet quasi-isotropic behaviour or according to structural/thermal requirements

– High rigidity Aluminium or closed cell foam

– CFRP tubes between upper and lower plate

Top Side
Single inserts according mounting grid, with first inserts 25 mm from edges
Bottom Side
Single inserts with through hole at corners, 25 mm from edges or customized
Carbon fiber plates with edge protection profiles
Ventilation For vacuum applications core materials are ventilated

Application Samples