Beside breadboards and benches made from Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) we design and manufacture a variety of CFRP components on demand.

Following our philosophy of a close cooperation with our partners in research and science to create superior products.


Telescope Tubus

Design Criteria
- Low thermal expansion
- High precision of mounting flanges


Telescope Adapter

Design Criteria
- Low weight
- High stiffness and strength
- Complex spherical geometry


Calibration Arm

Length 4200 mm
Design Criteria
- High stiffness
- Low static displacement at tip
- Adapted thermal expansion (to steel structure of telescope)


Support for Ground Layer Wave Front Sensor

Design Criteria
- High stiffness at varying gravity vectors
- Light weight


Optical Holder

Design Criteria
- Low coefficient of thermal expansion
- Light weight
- High strength (10 g load in all directions)

Special Products_Cover_DSC00677.JPG

Housing for Instrument Bench

Size 3600 x 4300 x 1800 mm
Design Criteria
- Light weight
- Dismountable
- Sealed

Participation: Concept and manufacturing supervision